Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Mermaid Diary

Hi I am the fat mermaid !Guess what I can swim now Yay!

This is all thank to the help from strangers.Oh they are helpful !
When I was trying to float you know I don't even float I'm struggling actually.He ( little Malay guy)
helps me and inspired me by pushing my head downwards .After that I can really float.

Another person to thank to a stranger I met in skating rink .He (young Malay guy refer to previous entry) teaches a lot of balancing skills to me and I getting more into it .Finally through out few practices I was done.

I hope that I can meet him again in skate rink and I can just take a chance to thank him and even skate with him.

No matter how sometimes a little help it helps a lot .
A big thank you to you guys .Thanks for helping me when I need help.

Fat mermaid,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Indulging in a ethusiastic guidance of a boy

It's cool staying near Sunway Pyramid.There are so much nice boutique and games over there.
Today I want to talk about my ice skating experince on yesterday compared to last 2 years ago.
You know it was totally differrent !In the past I FALLEN DOWN and INJURED !
Now I falled down and learned because of the kindly assistance of a player.

Let me tell you about the feeling being a student of him.
It's quite enjoyable and romantic <3 !The most attractive part of the lesson is holding his hand and skate fearlessly.What I have learned was balancing by using my shoulder and bend my leg a little bit with V shape .Once I skate I need to push my leg by shifting the force on my leg.

FYI He is just a young boy !Don't think too much...XP

Conclusion Boys are looked attractive when they guiding you with their knowledge .

I am looking forward for more experince in ice skating ..and I hope that I can dance with my Mr.Right one day with ice skate aha !cool sports ever ~