Sunday, March 29, 2009


like this video so much!
my situation in school :D
like that
oh i'm lovin it!!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Watson 的艳遇

我又遇到我 欣赏的
我叫他玮柏 因为他长得像Wilbert Pan
像dean 一样称呼他 是我的喜好
为什么 每次都在watson遇过 错过
可是当我等到fumes时 看到他就melt
一转头 oh eyes contact without electrostatic force
因为被他拒绝了 他的眼神往watson

回头看我一眼 仿佛怕被跟踪
有歌说 世界上最遥远的距离 不是生与死
而是 我站你面前你却不知道我

Nobuta side product

one is nobuta
one is hu lu chain
all is copy from Japanese series
because i am a Japanese series fans
and i like copy

The memories of my Alpha royal

alpha royal stand for sushi king trademark

aiya i made the sushi without sushi rice last week
no one want to eat :(
mother reject and also brother
so sad

ingredient:ham ,long bean ,ecobrown rice


the scene above make me think of
sometimes elephant quarrel with rabbit ...

Yirumateddy show

paper art from the book my bro use it to teach his student
but i used it to make an art
i like art so i did not have 'heart' attack :)
pressure goes down and try to have some fun
paper art it is also used in dishes design 3D

Friday, March 27, 2009

write with a feather pen

draft (title)

i have not write chinese word for a long time ago...
so i want to attend the competition
-to share- to communicate and also stand a chance to win
during the competition,
i'm nervous ,not because the contestants very kuat sui (strong)
i'm worry about i''ll be the last left in the class
some write very well but some not really
but their spirit was praiseworthy
i've stole some ideas from them
one of the girl of my friend write all the words but she just dim the ink once only
she praised my ink was very nice,even is a wrong way in writing chinese word
but is ok.

writing the chinese word ,my feeling turns is a good hobby

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Initial N

1. What is your name : Nobuta
2. A four letter word : numb
3. A boy's name : Ne-yo
4. A girl's name : Natalie
5. An occupation : nurse

6. A colour : Navy blue
7. Something you will wear : necklace
8. Question missing.
9. A food : Noodles
10. Something found in the bathroom : nail brush

11. A place : Notting hill
12. A reason of being late : No car
13. Something you'd shout : Nana nanana nana avril's song
14. A movie title : Nim's island
15. Something you drink : Nescafe
16. A musical group :Nirvana
17. an animal:Needle Fish
18. A street name :North way
19. A type of car : Nissan
20. The title of a song : No promises 'N',no nobuta

Friday, March 13, 2009

the full-filled chatbox devil assignment


1.Favourite drink:
Angria shandy , breakfast: sardine fish
2.Sat by all night waiting for someone to call: ya.i win the flyfm cd must wait la!
3. believe in love at first sight: it happen on me every time
4.Last made smile when thinking of my mum sitting under the sun...with boom hair ...waiting my bro said ...come go inside into the car! don't let others pay attention on u ...just joking to my mum
5. really hate mostly no manners guy
6. want children, no.i hate pain
7.I can't wait to Slim
8. the last person I held hands with mean anything to me,totally
9. go to church:last year Sam party
10.if having a bad day, most likely to go to mother


design:copy from DF