Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to school

SMK Hwa Lian fund raising day yay!It would be a day in 365.This is how it build and grow.
I was finding fun that day.The most attractive game is the Angry bird Live.It was cute enough where the game ran with the music live.Even though it was not like what the real video made (if you watched it before) but it was creative enough in the fund raising game.

Finally , I did not lose my way to take a snap with my work on this mural painting.We did a great job under the sun,Buddies!

P/s: The first sentence when I saw my BM teacher Charles Ng was how many kids you have already?....He repeated 3times I still cannot get it but finally it strike mind!Gosh!

A must eat

Every twice a week I will having tom yam located in Kampung Baru at Mentakab .
The secret recipe is the curry powder topping with carnation evaporated milk.
Good quality food *****