Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oscar tv award goes to...

'Slumdog millionaire ?pls put away first
try to shut me up...up ..up!
the first concert of avril in Malaysia ,my home
first is the best .the most beautiful memories for me
the new era of another Macdonna.-Avril Lavigne-


Dino change to prince for 20 mins

Today during the boring Chemistry period
I was so tired because of my seat
never make me feel comfortable
that's why design of chair is important

Today someone going to change for a while
that's Dino (not a gentlemen)
but he is only good for someone (siapa makan cili,dia rasa pedas)
who change his image in my mind 'just a while '
because he play those songs that are comfortable
so forgive him a while
I thought he will play song that are F* from intro to the end

Friday, February 20, 2009

why they are good in Maths

that's what we do during Maths period....
just for his and his smile ...

Stationary Lover 1

Saturday, February 7, 2009


i'm a fly
m i the fly,or m i flying ?
which of the fly?
I fly because i'm a fly
or because i'm a fly so I fly?
can u fly?
or u r fly?
can u make it clear?
it's the cross road of life ?
if u r the best ,u r flying
if u r the worst ,then u r just a fly
a nasty fly.

copy from Deanfujioka official website

Just read it

I love this sentence
Not quite sure about what I am looking for now,
though,only assume it is something I lost
in the past.

Me too,don't know what I really want in my life
I don't wanna realize it until the last minute
of my life

Sometimes I wonder
We keep seeking for things we don't have,
perhaps what we really want ,are the
things that we're always had and the people
who have been beside us...always

copy from Deanfujioka official website


一场纠结 却充满力道的树吸引
我于是在树前 站立了良久

转移了眼光 看到了松树的细枝

我笑了笑 便朝她走去

这时候 我才真正体悟到

copy from Deanfujioka official website

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Music man

Leehom- my idol since year 2002 when i was 12 years old .
He is pretty good in singing ,i love his singing style.
listen to his music it just like listen to my friend's story
feeling like a close friend talking to me ha!

But his music have to improve the background music
although his music group is same with Jay Chou
Jay Chou background music have the international standard
something different from the Chinese album
his background music is rich like west made music

Anyway 'Heartbeat' is creative and pop much !like it a lot!
i am touched.'Heartbeat' boopboop~